Adventures in the Torah!

We are working hard at finishing our first year release of our new Messianic children’s curriculum, Kingdom Kids – Adventures in the Torah! When it is completely finished, Kingdom Kids will be a full 3-year Messianic children’s curriculum for Messianic congregations, churches, or even homeschool co-ops. It is meant to serve kids from approximately K-5th grades and will eventually have 3 years of year-round lessons teaching through the Torah, the Kings & Prophets, and the Gospels – all from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

Here’s a preview from the introduction in our teacher’s guide:

This curriculum was developed to help bring Scripture to life for Messianic kids ages 5-11 in an engaging way that will challenge them and help them to grow closer to our Father through Yeshua.
Kingdom Kids was written to be a modular curriculum that builds on itself as children grow.

In this year of the curriculum, Adventures in the Torah, we will spend the year bringing the kids through the Torah in an accessible and relatable way. As the Torah is the foundation for the rest of the Scripture, we believe it is important to us to help our kids develop an understanding of and a love for it.

Each week, this teacher’s guide will help walk you through that week’s lesson. This curriculum was written so that it could be applied to students of all ages without the need to purchase multiple programs. As such, this teacher’s guide will offer lots of ideas that may or may not work well for your ages of students.

Each lesson will have a layout that is kid-tested and keeps their interest through short segments of study in Torah, character development, Scripture memory, Hebrew, and more. Most of the segments can be moved around the class time to meet your specific needs; we have them laid out in the order that has worked best in our classroom trials.

Adventures in the Torah: A Messianic Children’s Discipleship Program, Teacher’s Guide, ©Judy Rich

And today we’re giving you a sneak peek at a lesson! Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in the Torah!”

  1. Judy, Hello from Shanan in MT!
    ( reciever of your Twin bed!)
    Could you teach kids the meaning of weeks TORAH Portion? The same as their parents, but Tactile, Visual, Music, and Taste (with food).
    This has been done before, but the Torah portion and involving family learning together, makes for a stronger learning and graduated levels of increasing revision?

    1. Hello, Shanan! I apologize for the late reply. Hopefully you saw my more recent update that I was unexpectedly paralyzed and hospitalized for a couple of weeks. Since then I’ve been working hard to regain my mobility and resume a somewhat normal life. 🙂 I love your suggestion of incorporating all of the senses in the learning of Scripture! I do encourage teachers to add activities as they see fit to their lessons, and provide my teacher’s guide as a sort of “skeleton” for the lesson, beginning with a simplified teaching and application of the Torah portion for each week. You can download a sample lesson of the first year’s curriculum now here: Our congregation is using this curriculum this year and it has already been a big hit – making it so much easier for our teachers and more engaging for our students! Be blessed, Judy

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