Crossroads: A Messianic B’nei Mitzvah Program

Welcome to the Crossroads B’nei Mitzvah Program! Crossroads has been written for this generation of young disciples of Yeshua our Messiah.

As the Messianic movement grows and more children are being raised in this unique faith, the need has grown for high-quality education that they can engage with and that will help them really take hold of their faith for themselves.

The Crossroads program is working to help meet that need by offering a discipleship class tailor-made for today’s youth.

This course is meant to help a student take ownership of his/her faith, making the Bar/Bat Mitzvah year much more than simply a rite-of-passage. It becomes the doorway into young adulthood. We want to see youth being challenged to do hard things and take their lives seriously, embracing who God has created them to be.

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The Crossroads program is thorough. In the 18 weeks of curriculum, it teaches through three distinct units: first on the basics of Messianic faith – the nature of God, Scripture, and salvation. It then goes through what Messianic Judaism is and how it applies to their lives. Then the last unit makes it personal, talking about various spiritual disciplines and how each young person can grow in their relationship with God.


The Crossroads program is multi-faceted. While the core of the program is the 18-week curriculum, it also incorporates other activities which will add meaning and depth to their journey. These include things like immersion, a mitzvah project, Bible reading, and much more.


The Crossroads program is community-oriented. It is created with community in mind. This program is ideal for going through in a small class setting as part of a congregation’s youth ministry. It also emphasizes the importance of parent involvement and mentors, bringing the whole community alongside the students as they go on this journey.

However, it is also a great tool if a student is going through this program outside of a Messianic faith community. The same elements of parent involvement and other adult mentors help bring a community around those who may not have one.


The Crossroads program is engaging. Every page is full-color and interactive. During each lesson, students will look up Scripture verses relating to their lesson. They will be guided through discussions that help them relate to the lesson. And there are follow-up questions after each lesson for students to discuss with their parents and mentors to help them get the most out of each week of learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you believe? In other words, what theologies are you teaching?

We agree with both the MJAA and UMJC’s statements of faith, found here: MJAA UMJC

What age is this program intended for?

It is intended for youth ages 12+. Typically a bar/bat mitzvah occurs around a student’s 13th birthday (sometimes 12th for a girl), though it can certainly be later if the student isn’t yet ready by 13. We believe that in order for it to be spiritually-significant, a student needs to understand what they are doing and be ready for it.

How long does it take to complete this program?

There are 18 weeks of lessons, but because of the other elements involved, we highly recommend setting aside 6 months to fully complete the program.

Is this program appropriate for both Jewish and Gentile youth?

Yes, it is. We teach a distinction between Jew and Gentile but welcome both to be full participants in Messianic Judaism.