Kingdom Kids Messianic Children’s Program

The Kingdom Kids Messianic Children’s Program is now available!

The first year of Kingdom Kids is now available! When completed, the Kingdom Kids curriculum will be a 3-year program that will teach through one year each of Torah, Tanack, and Gospels. Each year of curriculum will include a complete teacher’s guide that is the core of the program, full-color student books, and an optional achievement award program.

Teacher’s Guide

The teacher’s guide is the core of the Kingdom Kids Messianic Children’s program. It is packed full of content – 375 pages of lessons for every week of the year, amazing coloring pages custom-made for a Messianic audience, activities, maps, timelines, parent pages, teaching helps and more! Each Kingdom Kids lesson teaches through a portion of Scripture, a character trait, a Scripture to memorize, and other units that vary by year.

The first year of the program, Adventures in the Torah, is now ready for purchase in our store! This year of content includes everything you see above, plus some conversational Hebrew and a sampling of the most commonly-used liturgical prayers in Messianic Judaism. Adventures in the Torah has been tested for the past year and is now ready to be used in any congregational, homeschool coop, or home setting. Teacher’s guides are all digital and come with unlimited reproduction rights for your congregation – a one-time purchase that will bless your community for years to come! We are also pleased to announce that you can subscribe to receive your curriculum monthly in order to budget the cost over the course of the year. The second year of the program, Adventures in the Tanack, is currently in development and scheduled to be released at the beginning of September 2024.

Student Books

The Kingdom Kids student books are a full-color addition to the teacher’s guide. Giving kids their own book will help motivate them to internalize what they’ve learned. They can use it to keep track of all that they are learning, to review Scripture memory and character applications during the week, and to help keep the parent’s informed and engaged with what their kids are learning.

Achievement Program

The Kingdom Kids achievement program is also in process of being launched! This achievement program will work alongside the books with pins that kids can earn as they complete various milestones for that extra motivation and feeling of accomplishment! Each unit has a pin to earn, as well as pins for Scripture memory. Pins are put on a Kingdom Kids lanyard. The achievement program is designed but pending financial resources. Our goal is to have it ready and funded by December 2024.

Add-On: Kingdom Kids Learn Hebrew

And finally, the Kingdom Kids Learn Hebrew program! This freestanding Hebrew course can stand on its own but is made to work alongside the rest of the Kingdom Kids program. The first two levels, Alef & Bet, are finished now and ready for print. These two books are 13 lessons each and at the completion of them students will have learned the entire alef-bet and all of the nikkud vowels. Each lesson teaches letter recognition, pronunciation, handwriting (block and script), and simple grammar rules. This program will be 8 books long when it is finished and will prepare kids to sound out and read Hebrew with a basic level of competency. It will also have an achievement program that works alongside it with pins that kids can earn as they complete each book for that extra motivation and feeling of accomplishment! This program is available now in our store in the first 2 levels and we hope to have the next 2 done before the end of 2024! Please note that the achievement program pins are designed but pending financial resources.