Kingdom Kids Messianic Children’s Program

Several years ago when we launched our congregation, we looked for quality children’s material for Messianic kids and found very little. What we did find was fairly dated and unengaging. And so, for the past several years, I have been writing content for our own congregation’s use. Now, I’m working on cleaning it up, adding more content, and modifying it for general use. And let me tell you, it’s turning out amazing! I’m so excited about being able to offer this tool to the Messianic community.

Let me tell you a bit about this program. The Kingdom Kids program will be a 3-year program that will teach through one year each of Torah, Kings & Prophets, and Gospels. When it is finished, it will include a thorough teacher’s guide that is meant to be the core of the program, full-color student books, and a stand-alone Hebrew program.

Teacher’s Guide

The teacher’s guide is the core of the Kingdom Kids Messianic Children’s program. It is packed full of content – 400 pages of lessons for every week of the year, coloring pages and activities, maps, timelines, parent pages, teaching helps and more! Each Kingdom Kids lesson teaches through a portion of Scripture, a character trait, a Hebrew word, Scripture memory, and part of a liturgical prayer. The teacher’s guide will be ready for release by Sukkot 2022. (**Note: due to a medical emergency lasting several months, this program release has been delayed. We anticipate the first unit (Genesis/Beresheet) to be released around the new year 2023 and the entire year to be ready for the Torah cycle starting in the fall 2023.) You can view a sample lesson here:

Student Book

The Kingdom Kids student books will be a full-color addition to the teacher’s guide. They will give kids their own book to keep with them, to keep track of all that they are learning, to review Scripture memory and character applications during the week, and to help keep the parent’s informed and engaged with what their kids are learning. We will also have an achievement program that works alongside the books with pins that kids can earn as they complete various milestones for that extra motivation and feeling of accomplishment! Student books will released at a future date, but we are working hard to make it as soon as possible!

Kingdom Kids Learn Hebrew

And finally, the Kingdom Kids Learn Hebrew program! This freestanding Hebrew course can stand on its own but is made to work alongside the rest of the Kingdom Kids program. The first two levels, Alef & Bet, are finished now and ready for print. These two books are 13 lessons each and at the completion of them students will have learned the entire alef-bet and all of the nikkud vowels. Each lesson teaches letter recognition, pronunciation, handwriting (block and script), and simple grammar rules. This program will be 8 books long when it is finished and will prepare kids to sound out and read Hebrew with a basic level of competency. It will also have an achievement program that works alongside it with pins that kids can earn as they complete each book for that extra motivation and feeling of accomplishment! This program is available now in our store!