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I am so excited to announce my next project in the pipeline! This is something that has been brewing in my mind for a few years now, but it is such a large undertaking that I have needed to wait until I had the brain space to work through it all! 🙂

Announcing our Kingdom Kids Curriculum!!!

This project will be a complete Messianic children’s program. It will be written and published in stages in order to be able to get it out to the most people the fastest. When it is fully finished, it will be a three-year program, to be teachable at 3 age levels. It will include teaching from the Torah, the rest of the Tanak, and the Gospels. It will include Scripture memory, Hebrew, and an award/achievement system.

My goal is to release the first year, which will be teaching through the Gospels, along with the first few levels of Hebrew, by September 1, 2021, giving you time to purchase and have it ready for the beginning of the new Torah cycle on October 2.

Stay tuned over the next 6 months as I release previews of various elements of the program!

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