New Release: Messianic Bat Mitzvah Invitations & More!

When my oldest child approached her Bat Mitzvah a couple of years ago, we realized that there isn’t much out there for beautiful, modern Bat Mitzvah invitations, especially ones that reflected our uniqueness as Messianic. We wanted everything about her Bat Mitzvah to reflect her decision to commit her life to Yeshua, and not only to Torah.

Because of this, I decided to design her own invitation with the wording we loved and a lovely aesthetic.

We then continued on to design her matching thank-you cards, and finally a lovely Bat Mitzvah certificate that our congregation presented her with on her big day.

As my son prepared for his Bar Mitzvah this past several months, I was reminded of the lack of quality resources for this in the Messianic world, and decided to put my designs online for custom orders. My hope is that it will be a blessing to many families to have these resources available for them as they get their children ready for this special time in their lives!

My first releases will be a small collection of lovely floral Messianic Bat Mitzvah Certificates, Invitations, and Thank-You Cards. Over the next few months, I will be releasing a few more collections of Bat Mitzvah stationery.

Then, later in the fall, I will be releasing Messianic Bar Mitzvah Certificates, Invitations, and Thank-You Cards with clean, modern designs aimed for the guys.

Invitation orders can be customized with your name and information, and will be able to be ordered as digital-only downloads (you arrange printing) or printed and shipped.

Certificates can be ordered as a custom individual digital-only download or print, designed with all of your single student’s and congregation’s information. In addition, congregations can order a digital-only or printed option that has the student’s name and date areas blank, which they can copy off for unlimited students and fill in the information needed by hand.

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