Adventures in the Torah – Now Available!

We are thrilled to announce that Adventures in the Torah is now available for purchase and subscription! This is such an exciting day here at Messianic Kids. This curriculum has been years in the making and we are so happy to be able to offer it as a tool for other congregations to use.

In case you missed it, you can read a description of the curriculum here:

We are so pleased with how this curriculum turned out. There were two big hurdles to getting this out into the world – the first being that I needed an illustrator in a major way. I knew I didn’t have the artistic skill to pull this off myself, and the illustration companies I was finding online were way out of my budget. And the second hurdle was that I became paralyzed just over a year ago at the end of August.

But God is so good and He had a plan for all of this. He brought me an illustrator by means of our congregation – a young man who began attending just over a year ago who is extremely skilled and gifted in art. Every illustration in this curriculum has been created with the goal of being historically accurate and yet approachable for kids. We hope they are a blessing to you! As for the second hurdle, while the initial paralysis wore off, I am still battling the long-term effects of a spinal cord injury that makes it painful for me to sit and work for long periods of time. God has carried me through and given me the strength that I need to complete this project, and I’m so thankful!

I was also unsure how to structure my price so that it could be affordable for congregations, yet enable me to pay my illustrator and continue creating. I believe that with the option of subscription, everyone will be able to afford to use Adventures in the Torah with their faith communities – even small ones! I’m so happy about that, because I never want cost to be a hindrance to good education for kids.

Stick with me this next year as I begin writing Adventures in the Tanack – a full year of study through the rest of the Old Testament, from Joshua to the Maccabees! It is due for release next fall – October 2024, in time for the Torah cycle to begin again.

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