Kingdom Kids Learn Hebrew – Alef Level


Kingdom Kids Learn Hebrew is a new Hebrew program created for Messianic kids. The first two levels, Alef Bet, are finished now and ready for print. These two books are 13 lessons each and at the completion of them students will have learned the entire alef-bet and all of the nikkud vowels. Each lesson teaches letter recognition, pronunciation, handwriting (block and script), and simple grammar rules. Kingdom Kids Learn Hebrew will eventually be 8 books long when it is finished and will prepare kids to sound out and read Hebrew with a basic level of competency. With each book, students will earn an achievement pin that they can display alongside their other Kingdom Kids achievement pins as they finish each level.

This book – the Alef level – is the first book in the series. Start here, then move to Bet when you’re finished!

*This book comes with one Alef achievement pin.*

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Binding: Saddle-Stitch
Page Count: 56 pages
ISBN: 979-888831365-7

This listing also includes one (1) Alef-level 1″ metal pin with safety back.


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