Kingdom Kids Learn Hebrew!

I am so excited to announce the coming release of the first two levels of Kingdom Kids Learn Hebrew! These are the first two of an eight-book series to teach children to read and write basic Hebrew. In these two first books, students will learn all of the letters of the alef bet, as well…read more.

Our Next Project

I am so excited to announce my next project in the pipeline! This is something that has been brewing in my mind for a few years now, but it is such a large undertaking that I have needed to wait until I had the brain space to work through it all! 🙂 Announcing our Kingdom…read more.

New Release: Messianic Bat Mitzvah Invitations & More!

When my oldest child approached her Bat Mitzvah a couple of years ago, we realized that there isn’t much out there for beautiful, modern Bat Mitzvah invitations, especially ones that reflected our uniqueness as Messianic. We wanted everything about her Bat Mitzvah to reflect her decision to commit her life to Yeshua, and not only…read more.

Crossroads Program Table of Contents

As you are considering a course to guide your teen or pre-teen through the Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah process, you are having to make decisions about what is most important for them to learn, and what your approach will be. To help make that easier for you, we decided to include here the whole…read more.

Messianic Bar Mitzvah Program Released!

We are so excited to announce that our books are in-stock and ready to ship! This program has been a long-term project, fine-tuned and crafted into what we hope will be an incredible blessing for the Messianic community and families! If you have a student age 12 or older, consider this book as he or…read more.

Pre-Orders Available Now

I’m so excited to announce that the last of the edits are being finished up on the Crossroads program, the cover has been finalized, and it is about to be sent to print! The store is now open for pre-orders, which will ship by the end of January. We’re so excited to get this out…read more.