Shalom! My name is Judy Rich, and I’m the creator of MessianicKids.com.

My husband and I planted a Messianic congregation in the fall of 2015, and when we did, we realized what a huge void there was in the way of quality Messianic children’s curriculum. As a mom of five, this was a really big deal to me.

And so, I began writing curriculum for our own congregation to use. As I go, my hope is to format and publish it in a way that it can be a blessing for other Messianic communities.

My first project was the Crossroads Messianic B’nei Mitzvah Program, which released in January 2020 and is available for purchase now. In fall of 2020 I also began releasing Messianic Bat Mitzvah stationery.

Future projects may include:

  • a Gospels curriculum, teaching through the stories of Yeshua and his disciples in chronological order and from a Jewish perspective
  • a family devotional for the Biblical holidays
  • a kids drash book teaching through the Torah portions
  • a kids drash book teaching through the rest of the Tanak

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